Marketing tips for manufacturing

What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Have you ever been frustrated that salespeople have trouble selling?

Do non-sales employees believe they can’t sell because it is too difficult?

Are your customers confused and don’t know why they should buy from you?

Maybe you need a strong Unique Selling Proposition that clearly states why a customer will want your product or service.

After working with several hundred manufacturers, I can tell you why pursuing sales is like pulling teeth.  Sales are hard because I have to be able to communicate the benefit of my product to a potential buyer quickly, effectively, and easily.  I also have to make it unique to beat my competitor.

I’ve helped companies implement websites, pay-per-click campaigns, social media promotions, new literature, and all types of marketing methods.  The core problem and challenge in my work is that most companies don’t know their unique selling proposition.  Marketing & sales managers are stuck trying to get busy people to memorize technical features instead of communicating core benefits.  Frustrating?  Absolutely!  For me, my clients, and my clients’ potential customers, not having a USP is a problem.

Out of frustration and a lack of “do-it-yourself USP” material, I decided to build a self-guided approach so you can develop your own USP.  I’ve refined the USP worksheet multiple times, implemented it in multiple businesses, and dragged my MBA marketing students through the process every semester (poor guys).

Make sure to recommend it to a friend (using the Send button below) who is hurting badly for sales.  This may make their work week just a bit easier.  It might even pull a company back from the brink of disaster.  Trust me – it is an awesome feeling to rescue hardworking companies with an adjustment in sales techniques.

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Very few manufacturing companies have a unique selling proposition.  Even fewer industrial B2B manufacturers have USPs!  Part of the reason why manufacturers lack a good USP is that their customer is often not well-defined.  Is your customer the end user, the distributor, or the retailer that sells your product?  Each customer in the chain has different needs and will be attracted by a different USP.

Here are some manufacturing USP (Unique Selling Propositions) examples for companies whose end customers are the consumers who use the product:

  • “The ultimate driving machine.” – BMW
  • “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” – Saddleback Leather
  • “That makes the Maytag Repairman the loneliest guy in town!” – Maytag
  • “Klein Tools is the #1 choice among professional tradesmen.” – Klein Tools
  • “Become Self-Reliant with the leader in Solar Energy Since 1983.” – Sun City Solar Energy

Here are B2B industrial manufacturing USP examples.  These are quite rare and can be difficult to develop.  About 1 in 30 B2B companies I’ve looked at have a USP.

  • “We will solve your bulk flow problems with quality internal and external vibrators and air blasters.” – Global Manufacturing
  • “We do so much more than offer supplies. We reduce costs.” – Industrial Supply
  • “The fastest press brake in the world.” – Cincinnati, Maxform product line
  • “We build ‘em like they had to last forever.” – Chicago D&K presses
  • “You think it.  We can make it.” – Thogus plastics

If you know of a great (or just good) manufacturing USP, tell us about it in the comments.