Marketing services

This is a list of our most frequently requested services.  Depending on your needs, we can develop a custom offering that best meets the improvement needs of your organization.

Web Marketing Strategy Improvement Session

We discuss your goals and ideas about a revised or new website.  As the discussion progresses with your team, suggestions are made to maximize your return on investment and to reduce costs and hassle.  A follow-up report is provided with recommended improvements with step-by-step instructions.  Typical meeting participants can include executives, marketing personnel, IT personnel, and your website developer.  Some of the most recent benefits that companies have received in these sessions include:

  • Avoidance of a marketing method that would get their website blacklisted and eliminate nearly all possibilities of getting new sales leads.
  • Dramatic reduction in planned development costs.
  • Elimination of non-effective advertising costs while increasing revenue impact.  Annual savings have been between $3,000 and $40,000.
  • Substitution of free marketing methods that outperform high-priced methods.
  • One minor change brought 3-10 online sales leads per week after years of having no online sales leads.
  • Addition of quick easy changes that dramatically increase sales leads.
  • Some websites only are visible for 20-40% of their pages.  We provided a quick approach that increased visibility to 100% for major search engines.
  • Shift advertising budgets to higher performing methods with improved tracking on what works and what doesn’t.
  • One change that reduced the abandonment rate from 90% down to 30% – an increase in traffic of 700%.

Competitive Website Marketing Assessment

The client’s website is assessed in detail and compared against 3 competitors selected by the client. The full assessment contains over 50 pages of recommendations and analysis that provide useful information in several technical and strategic areas. The assessment can be used to strategically position the company and improve business performance. Several companies use the assessment as an implementation outline when working with their website developer.

Domain Name Research and Selection

A new website or redesign provides the opportunity to establish a strong domain name (website name). Keyword research and the company’s product information are inputs for the research. This process gives you four highly qualified domain names to consider that address three (3) core requirements of a good domain name:

  1. Memorable
  2. Keyword based
  3. Aligned to your business.

A bad domain name will reduce visits, drive traffic to competitors’ websites, and increase customer frustration. A well-researched domain will drive search-based traffic and type-in visits for a more qualified sales lead.

Google Adwords Campaign Development (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Setup of multiple keywords in a Google Adwords accounts to increase qualified sales leads. The Adwords campaign will be tied into Google Analytics to track effectiveness. Note that continual management of the campaign is not a part of this project. All pay-per-click (PPC) fees are the responsibility of the client. This service can be combined with Google Analytics Setup and Keyword Research Development services for improved performance. A Google Adwords campaign budget can be as low as $31 per month and still provide useful marketing intelligence and sales leads.

Google Analytics Setup

Set up Google Analytics on a website so that company representatives can track visits, geographic sources of visitors, popular pages, keywords used for searching, and more. A training overview and recommended techniques are included. This is highly recommended for companies that want to know if their website or most recent update is effective or not. It should be the first step taken in any website development or redesign to track results.

Inbound Link Development

This service submits the client’s website to multiple search engines and uses other methods to improve inbound links that tend to increase the number of visitors to your site and the number of sales leads generated. The company website will be configured for Google Webmaster Central, (MSN) Webmaster Center, and Yahoo Site Explorer to ensure that all web pages are properly indexed and major search engines can direct search results to the company’s web pages. The manufacturer’s website will also be submitted to industrial directories and localized search engine components to drive sales leads.

Keyword Research Development

This service determines the best keywords to use for improving sales performance tied to increases in qualified visitors to your website. The keywords are developed by looking at the number of searches for the keyword, how much competition there is for the keyword, and how well the keyword aligns to the products and services in your business. The keywords can then be used to optimize the website for improved search engine visibility and increased visits. Website page updates are not included as part of this service but can be added at the client’s request.

Sales Conversion Improvements Development

This service looks at your website and suggests changes that can be implemented quickly to increase your potential for online sales leads. Examples of the changes include adding targeted Calls To Action, rewriting of page titles, form development methodology for gathering sales leads, improvements in contact information presentation, and more.

Website Marketing Assessment

The Website Marketing Assessment looks at a company’s website configuration for 23 critical website marketing elements. Company performance is compared to numbers from the 2008 study of Arkansas manufacturers’ website marketing techniques. Company-specific recommendations and comments for the website are included to allow companies to quickly begin improving their website. This is highly recommended for companies considering a website redesign or new site content.

Website Marketing Development

This can be a revision of an existing website or a completely new website. A revision project restructures the website completely with improvements made to improve website visibility, improve sales techniques, and improve sales leads. A new website project builds an optimized site from the ground up that is designed to gather sales leads and get your website in front of the customers that are looking for your product.

If you have more specific needs or just have some questions, contact us to discuss how we might help.  The discussion is free and you may get some great tips to start improving your site today!