About us

This site is designed to provide manufacturers and other businesses helpful tips on how to improve their website marketing and traditional marketing techniques.

Marketing For Manufacturing includes me and the professionals that I bring in to help with training, branding, consulting, and related services.

My name is Joe McCoy and I am an internet marketing consultant and college professor.  My work as a website marketing consultant is primarily tied to Best Progress, my marketing & technology company.

I do my credit teaching at Webster University in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  My next two classes will be Entrepreneurship and Business Growth and the MBA Capstone course.  Webster offers master's degrees at the Fort Smith campus including the MBA, the MA in Information Technology Management, and the MA in Human Resources.

My professional history includes full-time positions as a mechanical design engineer, lean manufacturing manager, project manager, and 7 years as a manufacturing consultant.  During all that time I have been active as a trainer & instructor.  I started my first consulting job as an information technology consultant back in 1991 helping real estate offices and manufacturers improve their technology use and marketing approaches.  My degrees include Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, and Doctor of Education.

I would love to hear your thoughts & questions about website marketing or discuss some techniques that might help your business grow.  Use the Contact us form to send me a message.