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Hi.  I’m Joe McCoy the website marketing consultant that developed & wrote the Marketing For Manufacturing website.  I am currently working on a few website marketing projects and helping some small businesses build the first marketing strategy they have ever considered.

I would love to hear from you… really. As a professor and consultant, I know that my best ideas don’t come straight from my limited brain, but instead come from discussions with people like you that are trying to improve their business, make their job easier, or just figure something out.

My belief is that a quick e-mail, a short comment, a phone call, or other interaction can improve us both.  Many people hesitate to send comments or questions on a website; skip the hesitation and send a question. It can be helpful for both of us.  Did I mention that I can visit you to discuss your marketing improvement ideas?

I’m like you – I want my information to be protected and not abused. If you e-mail me using the form below, I won’t add you to a list for future e-mails and I will try to answer your questions & respond to your comments.

Use the form below to send me a message.  Your information is protected the way I want my information protected.

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