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Two of the most common questions about Marketing for manufacturing

1 - Do you offer website marketing classes?

YES, here is a list of website marketing classes offered by Marketing for manufacturing.

You can be sure that the information is immediately applicable to your needs.  With over 15 years of college credit & contract training experience, you won’t have to worry about PowerPoint poisoning or having information read to you.  The classes are highly interactive and energetic.  Attendees are excited to leave at the end of the classes… so that they can go try out the things they have learned.

2 - Can you help with website marketing?

YES, here are the services provided by Marketing for manufacturing.

Our services are designed around the needs of manufacturers and businesses without monstrous marketing budgets.  In many cases, one or two sessions can provide dramatic improvements.  In some cases, a radical restructuring or development of a marketing strategy is necessary.

Got questions, we can answer?